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Shade II Green

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Shade II - Surf Green

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Hutchins Shade II Guitar

Our Customers say ...

"Great guitar ... very Rock ... very Malcolm Young ... "

"Perfect for my New Wave band ... "

Our confidence in our guitars and basses is so passionate that we offer you a 20 day return period for any guitar or bass purchased directly from Hutchins Guitars. If you are not 100% happy with your guitar or bass and it doesn't live up to your expectations then you can return it for a full refund or exchange. We will even arrange and pay the return postage.*

*(Conditions: The guitar must be returned in the same new condition as it was supplied. This offer is to be used for home and studio trials … not to be gigged for a month and then returned !! ) 

A deceptively simple set-neck solidbody that centres on tone.

So-called ‘student’ electrics were offered by most brands back in the fifties and sixties. Then, as now, high-line electrics were often out of reach of younger (or poorer) players. The irony is that many of these ‘student’ guitars went on to become icons of the electric guitar world and were – and still are – used by numerous pros on mega-selling tours and recordings. It’s that rich legacy from where Hutchins takes its inspiration for its Shade II double-cut solidbody.

Centred around the classic shorter scale length of 627mm, here’s a guitar that you have unhindered access to the uppermost frets thanks to the open double-cutaway design. Perfect for upper position chording and lead lines or just as good for rootsy bottleneck and slide. The neck profile avoids being ultra skinny; instead it’s a vintage-style palm full that feels immediately comfortable and familiar. The front to back depth also supplies additional stiffness and resulting sustain – often over-looked on double cutaway guitars. A key to the design is the use of light weight alder for the slab body: not only is this a guitar for those long gigs or practise sessions but one from the first strum shows off an inherent resonance that belies its price. For many players simple is best and the Shade II is a simple, straightforward guitar in the best manner possible.

Whereas many ‘student’ guitars of yesteryear included simplified hardware, you don’t see that here with the fully adjustable HTM bridge and stud tailpiece married with tuners that might be vintage-style in looks but have a smooth and positive feel in use. That’s helped by the raked back headstock which places the strings in a direct straight line from the bridge saddles to the tuner posts and there’s no need for string tress to maximise the strings’ break angle over the nut. The fingerboard here is blackwood tec with a classic 305mm (12”) camber and medium jumbo frets that give enough height for smooth bends without feeling over big. The fingerboard is bound too, with matching strips of blackwood tec that hide the fret ends: another far-from-student-guitar feature.

The electronics layout reflects the style with its single humbucker, volume and tone controls and an output jack placed on the guitars side within a rugged ‘football’ shaped metal plate – ideal for the gigging musician. But it’s the placement of the humbucker here that’s important. Many single pickup guitars place the lone pickup too close to the bridge which can produce an uncompromisingly bright voice: moving it further away from the bridge, to an almost middle position, adds some tonal depth for a bigger sound.

And that’s what you should expect; the humbucker has a dc resistence of 8.6k ohms which puts it into a hotter PAF-type range: strong enough to drive a good amp without being over dark. The classic alder body/maple neck combination is historically associated with single coil and bright twang: here we get that on steroids, leaning into Who-esque mod rock and Brit pop with bite and power. Yet heap on the gain and there’s timeless classic rock – think early Van Halen. But back off the gain and plug into an old tweed with some vibrato and a little compression and here’s a sweet-voiced hot country guitar that’s a dead call-in for any slide player.

Double cutaway guitar featuring one Hutchins Vintage Round-sound HVR24 humbucker.

Hi-gloss Surf Green finish with black scratchplate.

Ships with free padded Hutchins bag. 

Designed in the UK.


Instrument: Shade II



Body Shape Shade II, Double Cutaway  
Wood (Solid Body) Alder  
Binding Top  None  
Binding Back  None  
Binding Sides  None  
Neck Wood Maple  
Construction One Piece  
Headstock Shape Hutchins Shade  
Logo and Artwork Script  
Neck Joint Set  
Joint At 16th Fret  
Thickness Neck + FB At 1st Fret 21mm  
Thickness Neck + FB Near Heel 22mm  
Fingerboard Wood blackwood tec  
Scale 24.7" / 62.7cm  
Nut Width 42mm  
Width At 12th Fret 50mm  
Inlays Dots  
Binding None  
Side Dots Yes  
Number Of Frets 22  
Bridge Material Metal   
Type Tuneamatic  
Body Green  
Neck Green  
Hardware Tuners Single Chrome  
Tuner Buttons Chrome  
Tailpiece Fixed  
Nut Material Bone  
Pickguard Black  
Pickup Neck None  
Pickup Middle None  
Pickup Bridge Humbucker  
Potentiometer Knobs Chrome. Volume & Tone  
Strings Hutchins 9-46  
Setup Action Bass String at 12th Fret 2mm  
Action Treble String at 12th Fret 1.3mm  
We're constantly improving our products therefore all specifications are subject to change.
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Delivery Time 7 - 14 days