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The Maia Special - Different by Design


A totally modern player with a perfect balance of modern and old school, designed for the modern stage or recording guitarist.

A real alternative to the usual with a more polished, even toned sophisticated sound.

The Maia Special DE brings together the best of the vintage and modern worlds with Amber hand wound pick-ups, Schaller hardware and a light weight mahogany body combined with a bolt-on maple neck and Blackwood Tek fingerboard. This guitar delivers time and again.

Hand made in the Hutchins Workshop

Special Features

Amber P94, P90 or humbucker pickups - Hand Wound in Germany

Schaller Tailpiece - Made in Germany

Schaller Bridge - Made in Germany

Schaller or Kluson Machine Heads - Hand Made in Germany or Japan

Modern C Shape Maple Neck

Blackwood Tec Fingerboard

Stonewash Natural Oil or Driftwood Custom Finishes

Hutchins hardcase or high quality extra padded bag.


Amber Pickups

Every guitarist has his own style, has something to say musically and uses his instrument as a voice to express songs and emotions. An essential part of this communication with the audience are pickups have such a strong character that they can react to every nuance and thereby decisively support the expression of the guitarist.

Amber Pickups have character because all coils are wrapped by hand. This gives each pickup its own unique sound character, which is much more lively than auto-wound coils. The skilled pickup maker sensitively defines the correct tension of the wire and knows its influence on the sound. Small irregularities, typical of hand-wound pickups, ensure the perfect tone.

Another important criterion for good pickups is the choice of the right magnets. In all Amber Pickups, the legendary ALNICO magnetic alloy (aluminum-nickel-cobalt) ensures a balanced sound with the best response, dynamism and warmth.

We use Amber P90, P94 and regular humbuckers ... your choice ...


Blackwood Tec

We use Blackwood Tec for our fingerboards because we think it is a better material than some of the more traditional woods available to the guitar and bass builder. Benefits include better stability, higher levels of water and UV resistance and it's fully FSC approved. There is, however, another benefit which has become increasingly relevant with the increasing uncertainties regarding the import and export of rosewood and other traditional guitar tonewoods. It seems to be coming more difficult to travel with or ship guitars which use these traditional tonewoods in their construction. No one wants their guitars seized by customs ... Blackwood Tec eliminates this worry.

More Information on Blackwood Tec here ...


Hand Made

Hand made in the Hutchns Workshops. Our Master build guitars are hand built to the highest standards by our qualified guitar luthiers using only the best hardware and selected tonewoods.


Stonewash Natural Oil Finish

Hand applied natural oil finish to allow the guitar to breath and resonate.


Driftwood Finish

A special finished developed in our workshops. Stand out from the crowd.

Custom Builds

We can build the Maia Special DE with your preferred specs.

Different colour ... No problem, Different pickups ... Contact us for details here ...

Custom Build


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