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Some of our Artists and Friends - Past and Present

Steve Harris - Gary Numan - Aurora 

Steve Harris

Musket - LäGzz - Maia Special DE


Mark McCarthy - The Wonder Stuff - Chandler Bass

Mark McCarty

Zoë Briggs - The Franklys - Chandler Bass

Zoë Briggs

Mick Box - Uriah Heep - O.T. Travel Guitar

Mick Box

Tim Muddiman - Gary Numan - Chandler Bass

Tim Muddiman

Yannick Peraste - Shade II

Yannick Peraste

Nathan Connolly - Snow Patrol

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Mark Twang - Sandy and the Wild Wombats - Shade I

Mark Twang

Gary Numan - Shade I

Gary Numan

Bill Leisegang - Nina Hagen, UK Session Player - Shade I

Bill Leisegang

Jo Harman

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Norman Cook - The Beast

Norman Cook

Chris McCormack - Three Colours Red, Gary Numan

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Mark Thwaite - The Mission

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Wayne Hussey - The Mission

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Luke Pritchard - The Kooks

Luke Kooks

Bill Bailey - The Beast

Bill Bailey

Whiley - Fat Boy Slim - The Beast

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Carl Barat - The Libertines

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Charley Borman, Ewan McGregor

Hutchins Guitars Artist

Fyfe Dangerfield - The Guillimots


Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge

Adam Ant

Adam Ant

Andy Bell - Oasis

Andy Bell Oasis

Mike Davies - Jesse J

Mike Davies Jesse J

Dan Hipgrove - Toploader

Dan Hipgrove Toploader

Chris Difford - Squeeze

Chris Difford

Andy Bennet - Ocean Colour Scene

Andy Bennet Ocean Colour Scene

Lloyd Williams - Hutchins H2

Lloyd Williams

Rob Holliday - The Prodigy

Rob Holliday Prodigy