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The Hutchins workshop - home to master builders and located in the historic musical instrument village of Bubenreuth - It's a place you'd love to visit and now you can. Feel the history of guitar building all around you in the workshops, guitar building is ever present in the very fabric of the surrounding village.

Custom building has always ensured the highest quality woodworking and hardware and now you can have that bespoke guitar that really works for you. Our craftsmanship partnered with your vision, a perfect combination

Come and see us to discuss your custom build - talk to our luthier Gerd Schaller about what we can build for you.

Workshop 1     Workshop 2

Workshop 7     Workshop 8

Workshop Graham     Gary Office

GS Workshop 1     GS Workshop 2

Workshop 3     Workshop 4

Workshop detail 1     Workshop 8

Workshop 5     Workshop 6

Building 1     Building 2

We offer sales, set-up and repair services at our Bubenreuth workshops.

Please ring us to make an appointment or e-mail us using the contact sheet here

09131 9085802

In unseren Bubenreuth-Werkstätten bieten wir Verkaufs-, Installations- und Reparaturleistungen an.

Bitte rufen Sie uns an, um einen Termin zu vereinbaren oder schicken Sie eine E-Mail mit dem Kontaktformular hier.

09131 9085802