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The Guitar Company Statement

Our mission, which we passionately pursue, is to give the modern guitar player of all styles the best guitar available for their needs, to transform tone-woods and hardware into resonant, high quality instruments for today’s players.

Retro Future – limited edition, small run Chinese and Korean sourced guitars and basses set up in our workshops.

Art Works – Hand made using Korean and American hardware. These are custom finished guitars and basses and all are built and set up in our workshops.

Artisan Range – Hand-made guitars and basses with German and American hardware and pickups.

The base team, comprising of Gary Hutchins, Graham Stockley, Laura Libricz and Gerd Schaller are all musicians, just like you, committed to getting the highest quality and best design possible. All Hutchins guitars are small run, limited or special editions, with every effort made to give the customer the best possible playing experience. There are no mass produced guitars here!

As keen collectors of art of many genres, the team make great looking guitars, pieces of art, which service the modern players’ acute requirements. Whether they are of a 1950s style like the Beachcomber or the Chandler bass or have a more aggressive rock style like the Shades, the main focus is always the sound quality and the playing experience.

Retro Future and Art Works Ranges

Retro sexy is the philosophy behind the designs of the Retro Future and Art Works ranges. These are modern guitars with a great sound and feel but with a nod to the classic designs of the past. All the elements and parts that make up these guitars are designed and tweaked by the Hutchins team. The number of pickup windings, the wire used, the gear ratios of the machine heads and everything in-between is looked at.

The necks are modelled on classic designs to give an instant feeling of familiarity, as if you had played this guitar your whole life - comfortable, easy and fast, just what every guitar player searches for.

Pickups are Hutchins’ own designs with custom windings, magnets and selected wire for each guitar to ensure that the pickups match the guitar aesthetic. Some of the range have Hutchins Tone Circuits that cut the top end to allow easy switching between rhythm and solo sounds. Some have push/pull pots for coil splitting or tapping. All pickups on multi pickup guitars are balanced and selected to add tone and to work in perfect harmony together.

As expected from a company that pays such close attention to detail the Art Works series have a style that is always individual and always cool, from individually commissioned art to custom spray finishes with matching hardware and features. Sometimes busy and involved, sometimes simple and elegant, the Art Works series can be whatever you want it to be.

The Artisan Range

The Artisan range is completely about you! Totally bespoke guitars to match the needs of the individual player and to ensure you have the best possible playing experience. You want to be at your best when you step up to play and so do we. Having a guitar or bass which just feels right is a massive part of the performance. A Hutchins guitar will give you the best, will take the worry of playing away and allow you to just play. Isn’t that what we all want?

Within the Artisan Range are the Hutchins Signature models. These are guitars and basses that we have built to our requirements and specifications for you. Hand built using quality components these are available ‘off the shelf’. They share the common Hutchins Signature of high quality, excellent playability, great design and the guarantee that they will make you feel like the guitar hero you are, whatever genre you prefer or where ever you play!

Our confidence in our guitars and basses is so passionate that we offer you a 20 day return period for any guitar or bass purchased directly from Hutchins Guitars. If you are not 100% happy with your guitar or bass and it doesn't live up to your expectations then you can return it for a full refund or exchange. We will even arrange and pay the return postage.*

(*see conditions below)


*(Conditions: The guitar must be returned in the same new condition as it was supplied. This offer is to be used for home and studio trials … not to be gigged for a month and then returned !! )